If you want to show quality and luxury in your home and use elegance and simplicity of the leather, our products would be the perfect accent to your table décor. For our exceptional products, we use only leather and recycled leather produced in Italy.


You should feel the comfort, gentleness, and coziness at your table. The Nikalaz beautiful leather products would make a difference in your interior and will make your family and guests feel special. Our custom designed laser cuts will bring joy and happiness to your table.


The leather products bring a natural touch to the artificial everyday surrounding. However, we use only recycled leather and residual genuine leather from big manufacturers in order to be responsible to the environment.

Home Table Decor

Dining Table and Home Desk Decor

Table decor for your dining table, for your kitchen and for your home-office desk.

The colorful and elegant table decor should include some of our beautiful products. We offer table mats, coasters and condiment holders in a variety of colors and designs.

The selection allows every single client to find the perfect match for her or his table and home style. From leather or recycled natural leather, you could select the perfect home décor gift for all types of occasions.
If you want to introduce brightness at your table, if you want to protect your table from the spills, spots, and all other types of kid’s interventions, if you are tired of running daily laundry of your table cloths, the recycled leather placemats for kids are just for you!

The laser-cut and machine-cut technology allow us to customize all of them and to personalize the placemat with different types of laser cut images.

Kids Placemats

Children's placemats for the dining table and kid's desk. Suitable for kinder garden, for drawing classes at school and for the play table of your toddlers.

Holiday Table Decor

Holiday and Special Events Table Decor

Bring brightness, holiday mood, and color to your dining table, countertops or cupboards, with our specially designed products.

We celebrate all holidays and events with dedicated placemats!