Customize your orders



Size customization:

All sizes and forms could be produced according to the customer’s needs. The recycled leather material allows for large - XXXL sizes of placemats and desk mats. The standard size of the recycle leather sheets is 135*150 cm (53*59 inches) and we could produce all shapes and forms within that size.


Color customization:

We could produce placemats and coasters in various colors. For wholesale orders, we are flexible to order a specific color based on Pantone color or CMYK color pallet.

Embossing customization

The standard top cover of our material is Dollaro embossed or smooth surface. However, upon wholesale request, it is possible to order another type of embossing. The minimum quantity for another type of embossing is 100m2 of recycled leather.  



Customization of the finishing

If you would like specific color for the seams or color of the edges of your placemats it is not a problem to order a specific finishing.



It is elegant, personal and flattering to personalize your desk or table accessories. The tailored gift goes beyond the casual relationship with your employees, customers or partners.




They are various types of personalization that are possible for the recycled leather and leather products:

-     Laser cut personalization – available for all types of logos, initials, signs, company names and brand etc. The laser cut technology is recommended for recycled leather only as the genuine leather behaves differently at the laser cutting and the result is not always perfect.

-     Laser cut engraving – the technology allows personalization of both natural and recycled leather. The customization is done through engraving the upper top layer of the recycled and natural leather. It is very precise and allows almost everything to be engraved.

-     Hot stamped personalization – suitable for wholesale orders. The customization is possible for natural leather and recycled leather. It is recommended for a large number of items as cheaper customization solution compared to the laser cut and engraving. However, not always suitable if you require a more visible effect of personalization and large space of the surface.

-     Digital printing – personalization with digital print is possible for various types of leather and allows very small details to be printed. However, it should be carefully applied as not all types leather are suitable due to the different top layer. 

Please contact us for prices and further information for any customization order you could think of.